Love Notes

Love Notes


I love Danielle. She does an amazing job...I always feel beautiful and refreshed. Danielle takes care of my extension needs which I couldn't live without! She is incredibly experieced with extensions, she recommends the best color and length and does an awesome job blending with my natural hair. Because Danielle takes care of all my hair needs, I knew I needed her for my wedding day! My hair turned out gorgeous! It was exactly what I wantedand she made me feel amazing on such an important day. I would highyly recommend Danielle!


I had Danielle do my hair and makeup before modeling for a bridal show and she did a beautiful job!!! She put in extensions for me and styled it. I got so many compliments that day and my friends didn't even recognize me.


Danielle does and amazing job when it comes to hair and makeup. She is a perfectionist when it comes to making someone feel absolutely beautiful.


I have been wearing extension for years and danielle is by far the best extension specialist. I can always count on her for the proper advice and care. Danielle is so amazing because she actually knows what its like to wear extensions and can completely understand first hand my needs. It also helps that she is always professional, punctual, but you will feel like you've been friends with her forever!


Elle Hair Artistry did the hair and makeup for my wedding and I could not have been happier. My bridesmaids loved them and one actually hired the team for her wedding day!


I hired Danielle to do my wedding and she went way above and beyond for me that day. My wedding was so exciting but I will admit, I was a little overwhelmed with all the people around me. Danielle was so understanding that she actually took me and her supplies to a seperate room and simply said, "You need a moment to yourself. Sit and relax while I do your hair and when you're ready, we can join the wedding party." I will never forget that moment because I felt all my anxiety and stress melt away. My hair was everything I wanted and everyone looked beautiful. I am so thankful that Danielle was with me that day...she has such a gift and her team is wonderful!