How many people can you ACCOMMODATE?

Elle Hair Artistry has a team of awawrd winning hair and makeup artists that can ACCOMMODATE large groups.


Is there a minimum booking fee?

during peak season APRIL-october, there is a minimum of $500 in services.  exceptions can be made if your date has not filled in and an artist is open to be scheduled.


Is there an off-peak discount?

during the off-peak months of november-March, there is 10% off all wedding services


How do I reserve my date?

If your date is available, you may reserve it with a non-refundable $150 deposit.  This amount will be applied towards your wedding day services.


what information do i need for a customize quote and contract?

If you wish to receive a customized quote and contract, I would need the following information: wedding date, Address, phone, Location of service to be provided, services requested, and time services need to be completed by.  I understand that all of that information may not be available at the time of booking however, we do not ask for final confirmed times and services until 60 days prior to your wedding date.


When should I book my preview?

Typically, Previews are recommended a month prior to your wedding but it is completely your choice if you prefer a DIFFERENT time frame.  PREVIEWS are booked during the week due to wedding COMMITMENTS on the weekend.


I am getting married out of town, what is the cost of travel?

our arists will travel free of charge within 30 miles of minneapolis.  If your wedding is out of that radius, a $.50 per mile round trip will be applied per artist.


What if my artist has an emergency?

In the event your artist has an emergency, please have peace of mind knowing we work as a team.  All artists document their preview work as well as take photos.  There will always be someone to cover your wedding with access to all the information and photos on your wedding day look.